Post #3: Everything You Should Know About Employee Absconding

ABSCONDING – This is the most unprofessional and unethical way to separate from an organization. The absconders never bother to give reasons of separation to the employer which ends up leaving a bad impression. This is why most of the HR folks are really scared of absconding cases.

Usually, an employee runs away in following circumstances:

  • If an employee steals company’s confidential documents or information.
  • If an employee is facing work pressure and not able to cope up with the stress.
  • If an employee applies for leaves for some emergency and he go on leave even after receiving disapproval from his manager.
  • If an employee receives an exceptional job opportunity where he/ she has to join immediately.
  • If an employee has personality issue. The one who:
  1. Is unable to face the competitive work environment
  2. Has low confidence
  3. Thinks running away is a better problem solving approach

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